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Permit, Regulation, & Technical Report Mine Planning and Scheduling Strategy Sump & Settling Pond Management

In general, these things relate reporting to government needs. Usually, the mining owner has responsibility to report their operation monthly, quarterly, and annually. Then, its relate with permit process such as to get IUP License from Exploration to Production or get permit to export - import raw and/or fix materials.

Mine planning and scheduling strategy are related with process to get the ore materials. The good methods can help to maximize the production and get the higher value of the mining operation.

 The environmental issues can be prevented by environmental management, we need to reducing that risk by sump and settling pond design correctly.

Annual Work And Cost Plan Report (RKAN)
Feasibility Study Report (L-SKT)
Mining Post Plan Report (R-PT)
Reclamation Plan Report (L-RR)
Main And Supporting Infrastructure Plan Report (L-SP)
Environment Impact Analysis Report (UKL/UPL - AMDAL)
Pit Optimization And Analysis Strategy
Mining Scheduling Strategy
Disposal & Waste Dump Scheduling Strategy
Reserve & Resources Report (KCMI & JORC Code)
Mine Plan Strategic Evaluation
Synchronize Water Management Utilities
Catchment Area Analysis And Evaluation
Settling Pond Management And Evaluation
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